Housing and well-being collective

Housing and well-being collective

We co-hosted an inaugural Disability Housing and Well-Being Collective Forum led by Hygge Community Life at our Bentley Business Services site.

The event sought support from a wide range of stakeholders for the development of a tool to capture the housing and well-being needs of people with disability – a tool that would be the first of its kind in Western Australia.

The prototype tool will be co-designed with people with disability for people with disability, which will be facilitated by People with Disabilities WA and Home Hub.

Home Hub and Hygge Community Founder and CEO, Iain Shields, expressed the need to urgently improve housing for people living with disability.

“We live in a world where we can order an Uber on our phones at any time, we can Google where the nearest coffee or beer joint is, but it’s a world where people with disability can’t access their housing options so that they can find somewhere to call home,” said Iain.

On the night of the event, more than 50% of attendees pledged their commitment in various forms, including almost 50% of the total project cost.

For more information on Home Hub, visit https://www.homehub.org.au/. To get involved and pledge your commitment to the development of the prototype tool, email info@homehub.org.au

Attendees listen at event

[Image description: Event attendees listen to Iain present.]