Making tracks towards our Independence strategy

Making tracks towards our Independence strategy

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In 2019, Activ launched our Independence strategy, which was developed in consultation with some of our customers and their families.

Since this time we have been working hard on how we can deliver proven pathways to independence for people living with intellectual disability.

Every Australian has the right to live an independent life.

We believe independence is the freedom to make choices about your own life, and taking responsibility for those decisions. Independence does not mean isolation from support – it includes the choice of whether to accept or refuse help.

In the NDIS world, customers are able to have more choice and control over their lives and we are committed to walking alongside our customers on that journey towards independence, whatever it looks like.

For some customers that might be building the confidence to try a new sport or catch public transport, for others it could mean moving out of the family home and towards more independent living options, or working towards the employment goal of their choice.

The measure of our strategy’s success will be that all customers of Activ are supported to explore the same opportunities as everyone else and take responsibility for the choices they make.

To ensure we can achieve this, we are making some changes to how we work so that we can increase our focus on supporting people to take their own journey towards independence, making mistakes and learning along the way.

We see our job as supporting our customers by encouraging them to explore what independence means for them individually and work with them to take step real steps towards achieving it.

We have already seen so many of our customers achieve a range of independence goals and we look forward to continuing to support many more customers to achieve theirs.