Tabetha explores different work opportunities

Tabetha explores different work opportunities

Activ Albany customer Tabetha has been building her skills in candle and soap making, baking, printing, communication and resume writing, all of which will support her with her work goals.

Until recently, Tabetha was employed at Albany Business Services where she supported the printing requirements of the local hospital. Following the transition of site-based employment services in Albany to alternate support options, the possibility of the local hospital bringing the printing service in-house is being explored.

Tabetha is keen to work for the hospital. To show her interest in this, Tabetha took a proactive approach and worked with support workers Premilla and Monique to write a resume.

“We discussed with Tabetha the types of work opportunities she would like to explore and supported her to put her resume together. She’s been working for Activ for a long time and has also been volunteering at the local library for many years, so she’s got some great skills and experience to include.

“Tabetha then dropped her resume off at the local hospital, where she’s hoping to work for the printing service if the hospital decides to bring it in-house,” said Premilla.

Premilla has also been encouraging Tabetha to explore other work opportunities.

“Tabetha makes beautiful candles and soaps and she also loves to bake.

“She does these activities as a hobby and is very generous at giving her candles, soaps, scones and cookies to people, so we’ve been discussing how she feels about selling her items and how she would go about this.

“For example, Tabetha regularly bakes scones for the hospital where her Mum works, and she also bakes cookies for the Activ office, so we’ve been talking about putting out a contribution jar with a label we’ve designed on it so people can make a contribution to Tabetha’s baking,” said Premilla.

“With her candles and soaps, I’ve been encouraging Tabetha to record how much it’s costing her to make these items, so that we can work out what she could charge for them and possibly start up a small business. I think she could be ready to have a market stall in a few months’ time.”

Tabetha said candle and soap making started off as a hobby for her but she would like to sell them at a market stall one day.

“My mum taught me how to make the soaps and candles, and I enjoy it because it distracts myself and I’m just thinking about the candles and soaps I’m making. I make them in all different rainbow colours, which I like.

“The soaps take about five minutes to make and the candles take one hour. I’ve been making the soaps since March and the candles since May, and so far, I’ve lost track of how many I’ve made because I’ve made so many.

“I would like to sell them at a market stall one day but I don’t know yet when I’ll be ready to do this, but I’m working towards it,” said Tabetha.

Premilla said Tabetha’s communication skills have also developed further over the past couple of years.

“There was a time where Tabetha wasn’t very confident communicating with people but this has changed recently. Tabetha is more comfortable communicating via email and it’s been great to see her emailing her NDIS planner and Activ staff independently.

“For example, if Tabetha’s planner needs some information from Activ, Tabetha will email Activ staff for this information and then communicate it back to her planner. This is such a great skill to have, which will support her in many aspects of her life, including work,” said Premilla.

“All of these skills together will support Tabetha to have more opportunities to work in an area she chooses, which is important for anyone.”

We can support you to become more independent at work, just like Tabetha. To find out more about Activ’s employment services, contact our friendly Customer Engagement team via email at or on 08 9387 0555.

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