Teaming up for cooking tutorials

Teaming up for cooking tutorials

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided unexpected opportunities for Activ to connect with new businesses and organisations.

For example, The Left Bank pub and function centre in East Fremantle published a Facebook post offering a helping hand to the community during COVID-19. Our Community Engagement Manager, David Brown, reached out and asked if the Left Bank’s chefs might be interested in doing some cooking videos we could share with our customers. The response was a resounding yes, and the head chef and sous chef sent through videos with instructions on how to make Italian polenta loaf, Mulligatawny soup and Indian spiced bread.

The videos are available to anyone who would like to give the recipes a go. Check out the below video of chef Rocky making Mulligatawny soup & Indian Spiced Bread.

“It is great to build connections with community-minded businesses like the Left Bank who are generous with their time, and keen to support Activ,” said David.

For more information, or to share your suggestions about other businesses we could connect with, please contact David at 9387 0539 or email