Our Purpose, Vision and Values

Our Purpose, Vision and Values

We are Activ, and we believe in you.

We are privileged to support more than 2,000 individuals and their families across Western Australia.

Since 1951 we have been supporting people living with intellectual disability. That means we love what we do and we have a passion for people. Our purpose, vision and values all combine to explain what we stand for and why you can believe in us.

Our Purpose

Enabling people living with disability to pursue the life they choose.

Our Vision

People of all abilities have the same opportunities to achieve independence.

Our Values

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Learn and grow

We are a learning organisation. We are experienced and understand the specific needs of our customers but constantly challenge ourselves to achieve better outcomes.

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Share a passion for people

We are fully committed to support, encourage and empower our customers, staff and volunteers to be what they truly can be and have empathy for every individual circumstance.

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Lead with courage

We have the optimism and drive to lead from anywhere. We push ourselves to reach new heights and to step out of our comfort zone.

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Listen loudly

We are active listeners, ensuring we clearly understand, and act upon it. We create an environment of open, honest, two-way communication, respect others’ ideas and opinions and the different ways in which individual communicate.

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Customer driven

We are responsive to the needs, values, and aspirations of our customers, their families, our colleagues and community. We build our organisation around the customer experience.

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Create together

We are team players. We cooperate and align our efforts to fulfil our purpose and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are pathfinders and creative in our solutions. We build effective relationships to achieve positive outcomes for all.

We look forward to speaking with you.