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Activ believes in your potential, and in supporting you to make real choices in your life. Believing in you means that we are here to support you to live your life to the fullest – whatever that looks like for you.

As a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in WA, Activ are here to join you on your NDIS journey. We aim to simplify the process by providing up-to-date information and guidance from the start of your NDIS application, all the way through to the services you receive.

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way of delivering funding. It makes sure that you, the person living with a disability, receives the right funding to get the support and service important to you.

There is now more freedom and choice in selecting who you feel is best placed to support you. There are numerous registered NDIS service providers in WA that all have varying areas of expertise.

For more information, click here to visit the NDIS website.

Activ Foundation and the NDIS

As one of Western Australia’s leading providers under the NDIS, we provide personalised support to help you live the life you choose.

We want to make sure you achieve your unique goals by delivering the best service we can in a way that is tailored to suit you. We want to help you take better control of your independence. That might mean moving out of the family home, learning some new skills, getting a job, or just joining the local footy team.

We will support you on your journey towards greater independence.

Services we offer include:

With Activ, you can access our comprehensive range of services in one convenient place designed to meet the needs of NDIS participants living with disability.

Who is Eligible for NDIS Support?

If you have a disability that is likely to be permanent and that can make it hard for you to take part in everyday activities, you can access the NDIS. You need to meet the disability criteria, or your child must meet the early intervention requirements, as well as residency and age requirements.

If you want to find out more about the services Activ Foundation provides and are unsure whether you are eligible to receive NDIS funding, contact our team on 9387 0555 or email customerengagement@activ.asn.au.

Getting started

If you’re eligible for NDIS support, it’s a good idea to start preparing. Before you meet with your NDIA planner or Local Area Coordinator, think about what you need and what you want to achieve. We’ve created an NDIS pre planning guide to support meaningful conversations with your NDIS planner. Download the guide to start your planning!

To help you with your NDIS journey, the NDIS created three booklets to make it easier for you. 

Click here to access the NDIS Booklets and Factsheets. 

How we can help you plan.

Activ is here to work with you and help you plan for the NDIS. It’s important to develop an NDIS plan to make sure that you get the services and supports you want. We support people to live an independent life of their choice. We understand the NDIS can be confusing, and we are here to help.

If you want to find out more about how Activ can support you with your NDIS planning, call our team on 9387 0555 or email hello@activ.asn.au.

Who can I contact for help?

Our Customer Engagement team can support you with any questions you may have about your Person-Centred Plan or the NDIS – it doesn’t matter if you’re an Activ customer or not. Call our team on 9387 0555 or email hello@activ.asn.au. You can also visit the NDIS website for more information.

Cathy’s NDIS planning journey

As a mother of a child with an intellectual disability, Cathy was in the unique situation of developing an NDIS plan for both herself and her daughter.

Cathy and her daughter Susan had both received Activ’s NDIS planning document and found it incredibly useful in helping to develop their plans.

“It helped us to focus on what we do each and every day, what supports and services we receive and then record them in one, central place which is really important when you’re developing a plan.”

Cathy said that the key to getting your NDIS Plan right is pre-planning.

“It’s important to sit down and work out everything you do in a week. Start from scratch and really have a think about what supports you need to do your day-to-day activities.”


Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National)

The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) is an interpreting service for people who do not speak English.

TIS National provides the following interpreting services:

  • immediate phone interpreting
  • pre-booked phone interpreting
  • on-site interpreting

TIS National has access to more than 3000 contracted interpreters nationally, who speak more than 160 different languages.

Who can access TIS National?

TIS National can be accessed by eligible participants under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Activ customers from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds can access this service.

How to access TIS National

If you’d like more information about accessing TIS, email hello@activ.asn.au or call 9387 0555. Our friendly team will organise an interpreter on your behalf.

Useful links

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Preparing for your planning meeting.

We look forward to speaking with you.