Getting started

Getting started

In order to help you with your NDIS journey, the NDIS created three booklets to make it easier for you.

  • Booklet One: Understanding the NDIS
  • Booklet Two: Planning
  • Booklet Three: Using your NDIS Plan

How we can help you plan

Activ is here to work with you and help you plan for the NDIS. It’s important to develop an NDIS plan to make sure that you get the services and supports you want. That’s why we’ve created a planning template to help you answer key questions and discover what you want from your plan. It’s important to think about what you are already doing and if this fits with your aspirations. Change is okay.

If you want to find out more about how Activ can support you with your NDIS planning, call our team on 9387 0555 or email

Cathy’s NDIS planning journey

As a mother of a child with intellectual disability, Cathy was in the unique situation of developing an NDIS plan for both herself and her daughter.

Cathy and her daughter Susan had both received Activ’s NDIS planning document and found it incredibly useful in helping to develop their plans.

“It helped us to focus on what we do each and every day, what supports and services we receive and then record them in one, central place which is really important when you’re developing a plan.”

Cathy said that the key to getting your NDIS Plan right is the pre-planning.

“It’s important to sit down and work out everything you do in a week.  Start from scratch and really have a think about what supports you need to do your day to day activities.”

We look forward to speaking with you.