What is Auspice?

An Auspice Agreement enables schools and organisations to deliver Vocational Education and Training to their students. Together we work in partnership to maintain quality of delivery and assessment – Activ Pathways provides the course content and supporting resources, and the Auspice partner supports their qualified teacher to train and assess students in their classroom.

What courses do you offer?

Pathways offer the following programs via an Auspice Arrangement:

Why Auspice with us?

  • Our materials are tailored to create an inclusive learning environment for people of all abilities.
  • We use Plain English in all our learning and assessment materials.
  • Cost-effective training, ideal for the school setting.
  • Administrative and Trainer support through Pathway’s dedicated Auspice Program Coordinator
  • Online system for easy access of documentation and sharing of student achievements.


Annual fee: $1,730 (subject to change)
Monitor meeting fee: $65 per hour, minimum 3 meetings. Additional fees may apply for additional monitor meetings.
Student admin fee: $160 per person