Ryan’s journey to open employment

Former Activ Property Care Ashby supported employee Ryan, is excelling in his new job in mainstream employment!

After completing some casual work at a timber mill, Ryan joined the Property Care team in 2016, and was quick to learn new skills in using the road sweeper, tractor, ride on mower and the woodchipper.

Ryan also completed qualifications in first aid, traffic management, pesticide management and load restrain training, and in 2019 completed a Cert II in Horticulture (AHC20416) through Activ’s registered training organisation, Activ Pathways (RTO No. 51960).

Now, Ryan applies the skills he learnt and refined at Activ at his new job, doing tree lopping for a local landscaping company.

Ryan credits his growth in independence at work to the wonderful support he received from Activ staff.

“I am very thankful for the great training and support I have received from supervisors, especially Rob Zaccaria who was a great mentor,” said Ryan.

Ryan’s employee coordinator Dale Ford commends Ryan on his hard work and is thrilled to see him achieve his goals.

“Working in the Property Care team was a great steppingstone for Ryan as he made his progression into open employment, which was a major goal for him,” said Dale.

“Ryan is very motivated and was always quick to put his hand up for any training that would help him to reach this goal.”

“When Ryan first started working for Activ, his supervisor Rob saw a lot of potential in Ryan, and took the time to mentor him to achieve tasks that required a higher skill level, like using various machinery.”

“I organised for him to complete his Cert II in Horticulture (AHC20416), and with recommendations from Rob and Property Care Manager Colin Kirkness, we supported Ryan to complete other training to increase his transferable skill set.”

Working for Activ Property Care Ashby enabled Ryan to enjoy financial independence and to achieve a long-time personal goal of purchasing a brand new 4WD.

As he makes amazing strides at his new job, we can’t wait to see how Ryan continues to thrive on his journey to greater independence.

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