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We imagine a future where people with disability have the same opportunities as everyone else, to live a life of their choice in their community.

At Activ, we imagine a future where people with disability have the same opportunities as everyone else, to live a life of their choice in their community.  

Activ, through the operation of commercial services, delivers employment opportunities for people with disability that focus on developing people’s capacity using an ongoing learning framework. Our work environments focus on learning and developing skills that enable people to pursue their goals and aspirations when it comes to work. Our Activ teams deliver a small ratio supervision model to ensure that our employees are provided with the support they need at work to achieve their goals.

Under the Learn pillar, Activ has established a dedicated service, Academy, which has been designed to support young people who are transitioning from secondary education to explore what their future looks like in work or study. The Academy supports young people living with disability through one of the key milestones and important phases of their lives.

All Activ’s Work and Learn services are specifically developed as stepping stone’s towards finding work that aligns to your dreams and aspirations, and we are here to support you along the way.

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Supports in Employment

Supports in employment services offers more than a job – it offers learning and development opportunities, support and friendship so that you can increase your independence. Through ongoing support from our experienced and dedicated staff, we will encourage you to work towards achieving your personal goals.  

We will work alongside you to match your skills, abilities and interests with a suitable position that best suits you. 

As well as on-the-job training, working with Activ also gives you opportunities to complete nationally recognised qualifications through our Registered Training Organisation, Activ Pathways. 

We offer a range of opportunities for people living with disability to find and thrive in employment. These include: 

  • Timber Manufacturingour timber manufacturing in the South West produce a range of timber products from pallets, bed bases and crates to customised bespoke orders.
  • Property and Facility managementour property and facility management teams provide gardening and landscaping services as well as cleaning, painting and indoor plant rental services to external customers.
  • Administration and Digital learn important skills to work in an office environment and contribute to its operations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is supported employment?

Under the NDIS, people living with disability can be employed in positions where extra support is provided. In an employment role, you will receive assistance to complete tasks and meet your responsibilities, allowing you to develop new skills and build your confidence in a supportive and comfortable environment. Funding for this is allocated from your NDIS plan under Supports in Employment and you can choose how you use this funding to better support your employment needs.

What is the difference between supported employment and open employment?

Supported employment is employment for people with disability who may require more support than what’s available in an open employment workplace. Open employment refers to mainstream employment. It is typically a phrase used to describe a job that can be done by any person in a workforce.

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