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We imagine a future where people with disability have the same opportunities as everyone else, to live a life of their choice in their community.

At Activ, we imagine a future where people with disability have the same opportunities as everyone else, to live a life of their choice in their community.  

From 2022, we will focus on growing community-based work opportunities in smaller settings, allowing Activ staff to spend more time with each supported employee. 

Activ has also established a new Academy to support people with disability to develop skills for independent living, social interaction and to access therapy under three key themes of Live, Play and Work.  

Our employment services are a stepping stone towards finding a job in the community, and are designed to support you to achieve greater independence at work. 

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Supported Employment Services

Supported employment is more than a job – it offers development opportunities, support and friendship so that you can increase your independence. Through ongoing support from our professional and dedicated staff, we will encourage you to work towards achieving your personal goals, such as working in open employment.  

We will work alongside you to match your skills, abilities and interests with a suitable full-time or part-time position that best suits you. 

As well as on-the-job training, working with Activ also gives you opportunities to complete nationally recognised qualifications through our registered training organisation, Activ Pathways. 

We offer a range of business services, so you have the opportunity to be a part of a commercial operation and develop skills in diverse areas such as: 

  • Timber manufacturingour timber manufacturing in the South West produce a range of timber products from pallets, bed bases and crates to customised bespoke orders.
  • Product packagingworking within a team in the Perth metropolitan area, you can develop skills while working with a range of products from major brands.
  • Industrial servicesdevelop a range of skills in product labelling, packaging and sewing in the Perth metropolitan area.
  • Facility managementjoin our property care or commercial cleaning teams to increase your workplace skills.
  • Administration learn important skills to work in an office. 

Career Coaching

Our Career Coaching Program provides tailored coaching to help you unlock your potential and gain meaningful employment. We’ll support you to discover your strengths, skills and interests that can be matched to occupation pathways. Through one-on-one coaching we will support you to explore your job options, build networks, develop the necessary skills and find you a job. 

Benefits of the program include: 

  • One-to-one and small group sessions
  • Sessions can take place at work, at home or in your community
  • Learn about yourself, develop new skills and discover a variety of work options
  • You control how often you meet with your career coach

To download the career coaching flyer, click here. 

Andrew with Career Coach Tracy

Open Employment

If you’re interested in transitioning into open employment on a permanent basis but have previously had difficulty obtaining or sustaining a role, our supported employment is a great starting point to help you achieve your goal. Through our employment services, you will develop your workplace skills around tasks, conduct, performance and safety as well as develop social skills in a commercial environment.

Our commitment to providing ongoing training and assistance in a supported environment ensures you are able to reach your individual career goals. This includes access to on-the-job training and opportunities to complete nationally recognised qualifications. Click here to view our training programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is supported employment?

Under the NDIS, people with an intellectual disability can be employed in positions where extra support is provided. In a supported employment role, you will receive assistance to complete tasks and meet your responsibilities, allowing you to develop new skills and build your confidence in a supportive and comfortable environment.

What are the benefits of supported employment?

Supported employment allows you to gain hands-on experience, earn an income and grow your confidence in a supportive environment. Supported employment can be used as a stepping stone into the open job market.

What is career coaching?

Career coaching provides people with disability one-on-one and group coaching sessions to help explore career options, build networks and further develop workplace skills.

What is a supported employee?

Supported employees are people with disability who receive support to do their job, learn and develop new skills and achieve their employment goals.

What is the difference between supported employment and open employment?

Supported employment is employment for people with disability who may require more support than what’s available in an open employment workplace. Open employment refers to mainstream employment. It is typically a phrase used to describe a job that can be done by any person in a workforce.

Is supported employment funded by the NDIS?

Supported employment is funded by the NDIS. The NDIS refers to it as ‘Finding and Keeping a Job (Supported Employment)’. If you have this funding in your NDIS plan, you should talk to a provider in your area who offers supported employment. Take a look at our employment options here: https://www.activ.asn.au/what-we-do/employment/

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