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Activ launches new advertising campaign

Posted on June 01, 2017
Activ Foundation is excited to launch its new advertising campaign, co-created with people living with disability.  

The campaign, built around the notion of belief, features a combination of illustrations and stories of goals and aspirations that are important to Activ customers. 

“We believe in the people that we support, their dreams, goals and aspirations and this new campaign highlights that belief,” said Activ CEO Danielle Newport. 

“Through focusing on the diversity of individuals and what is important to them, we have been able to tell the stories of our customers and how we are supporting them to achieve their unique outcomes, whatever they may be.” 

The campaign is complemented with a new logo which incorporates the line ‘we believe in you’, to reinforce Activ’s belief in the potential of people living with disability. 

“Belief is a powerful motivator and by reinforcing this we are highlighting that we are committed to supporting our customers to make real life choices about what is important to them”, said Danielle. 

“We look forward to rolling out this campaign across the state and continuing to work with our customers to see their dreams and aspirations come to life.” 

You can find out more about the new campaign on the Activ website here. 

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